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Raheen Church

Raheen church
© Raheen church

There are presently three churches in use in the parish, located in Raheen, Mungret and Crecora.

The church in Raheen was built in 1845, and is dedicated to St Nessan. It was built by Fr Jeremiah Halpin, and completed by Fr Michael Casey, who was also responsible for building Crecora's church in 1864. Raheen church was extended and restored in 1992. A stone over the church door is inscribed with the following:

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Et in Honorem Sancti Nessan

A plaque on the wall of the left extension to the church reads:

St Nessan's church
Restored and Extended 1992
Most Rev. J. Newman Bishop
V. Rev. Joseph Dempsey PP

Altar in Raheen church
© Altar in Raheen church

There is a statue to the Sacred Heart located to the left of the altar, inside the church. A statue to the Immaculate Conception is situated on the right hand side of the church. The Stations of the Cross were donated by parishioners.

There are three plaques at the back of the church. The plaque nearest to the main door is dedicated to Fr Patrick D'Arcy, the first president of St Michael's Temperence Society. Fr D'Arcy was a former Parish Priest of Loughmore, and he died on April 27th, 1850.

The centre plaque is dedicated to Jeremiah Halpin, Parish Priest, who died on October 3rd, 1845. During Fr Halpin's time as Parish Priest, the church was re-roofed, although the completion of this was interrupted by the Famine. Fr M. Casey, Parish Priest erected the plaque, in November 1856. The roofing of the church was completed under Fr Casey's direction.

Statue of Christ  Statue of Mary
© Statues in Raheen church

The third plaque is in memory of Archdeacon Browne, Parish Priest, Mungret/Crecora, who died January 30th, 1900, aged 75.

Buried in the grounds of the church is:

  Rev. David O'Carroll, PP, 4 years PP Mungret, 4 years PP Banogue
Died 29th April 1932, Age 67

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