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Church Ruins

Ruin of the previous Crecora church  Ruin in old Crecora graveyard
© Ruin of the previous Crecora church and Ruin in old Crecora graveyard

Directly across the road from the present day church and graveyard in Crecora is the ruin of the previous Crecora church. The church dates from approximately 1847. Several hundred metres further on, there is another church ruin, situated in Crecora old graveyard.

Westropp refers to Knocknagall church in Lemonfield. According to him, this church was dedicated to St Brigid in 1410. The church was in repair in 1657, and in Westropp's time about ten feet of the south wall and 30 feet of the north wall remained. Lemonfield graveyard was very overgrown. However, we came across a wall, which we believe may have been part of Knocknagall church. This wall was approximately 6ft high, and 15ft in length. There was a railing at one end of the wall.

Westropp also mentions a church in Derryknockane, which was a parish in 1633. He states that this parish included Knocknagall in 1657, and adjoined Crewmally, and so may be an alias for either parish. No church site is known.

Westropp also mentions church sites called Killonaghan (near the dry well of St Senan) and Killeenoghty, of which no trace remains.

There are three ruined churches located in Mungret graveyard.

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