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Fedamore Church | Friarstown Abbey | Church Ruins

Fedamore Church

Fedamore Church
© Fedamore Church

Fr Timothy MacCarthy, P.P., built Fedamore church in 1830, with his curate Fr O'Rourke. The large chapel in Fedamore cost about £700 at the time of building.

Grotto in Fedamore Church grounds
© Grotto in Fedamore
Church grounds
Altar in Fedamore Church
© Altar in Fedamore Church

Outside, to the right hand side of the church is a statue to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A statue of the Crucifixion faces out onto the road. A stone plaque states that the church is dedicated to the Beheading of St John the Baptist, and was partly renovated by G. Wall P.P. in 1980. The church in Fedamore was renovated by Fr O'Gorman in 1991. The original plaque, in Latin, is beside that, and states that T. MacCarthy, P.P. was responsible for building the church.

Ceiling in Fedamore Church
© Ceiling in Fedamore Church

The impressive church ceiling dates from before the restoration of the church. To the left of the altar is a statue of Mary. A statue of the Sacred Heart is to the right hand side of the altar. A statue of St Joseph is in the aisle of the left transept, and in the right transept is a statue of the Little Flower.

Cross from the old Fedamore Church
© Cross from the old Fedamore Church
Water font in Fedamore Church
© Water font in Fedamore Church

A water font in the church bears the following inscription: Dr John Hanrahan got this made in 1756. Pray for him. This water font came from the pre-1830 parish church. Just outside the church is a cross from the old church.

Buried within the church are:

  T. Fitzgerald, Parish Priest, Died 5th February 1876
  James O'Reagan, Parish Priest, Died 18th July 1838, Aged 44
  Fr Tom Blake, Parish Priest, Died 14th October 1874, Aged 68
  Fr Timothy McCarthy, P.P. of Fedamore & Manister, Died 9th Feb. 1837

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Canon R. O'Kennedy, P.P., 1893-1925
  C.P. Kenny, P.P., Died 20th Aug. 1893, Aged 62

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