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Dromin Church

Dromin Church
© Dromin Church

The church in Dromin was built in 1828 under the leadership of Fr James O'Regan on the site of a thatched church that was the place of worship prior to that date. The church was renovated at the turn of the century and again in 1992. Outside the church in Dromin there is a statue, which was erected in 1951, to Fr Stephen O'Dea to commemorate his being a priest for 50 years.

Altar in Dromin Church
© Altar in Dromin Church

Inside the church, there is a stained glass window given by Fr John Irwin who was parish priest in 1982 when the church was renovated. Mary Barry from Raymondstown also gave the stained glass window of the Good Shepherd inside the door of the church.

The church has a wooden ceiling and the local parishioners donated the Stations of the Cross. To the right of the altar there is a statue to St. Joseph and to the left of the altar there is a statue to Mary. The people of Dromin erected a plaque to the memory of Fr Patrick Ryan. Fr Ryan was parish priest from 1849 until his death in 1866.

Plaque to Fr Patrick Ryan in Dromin Church
© Plaque to Fr Ryan

Buried within the church is:

  Patrick Ryan P.P., Died June 24 1866, Aged 60

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Stephen O'Dea, P.P. 1936-1963, Died November 24 1968, Aged 94
  Dean Michael Canty, Died January 4 1936, Aged 96
  Msg. John J. Hennessy, Diocese of Dubuque, U.S.A., Died December 2 1974, (A native of Cottage, Kilmallock)

Dromin Church | Athlacca Church | Church Ruins

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