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Athlacca Church

Athlacca Church
© Athlacca Church

The church in Athlacca is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and it was built in 1840 during the tenure of Fr Michael Tuohy as parish priest. It was built to replace the thatched church that was damaged on the Night of the Big Wind on January 6th, 1839. The Bourke family donated the site.

Altar in Athlacca Church
© Altar in Athlacca Church

The front porch in the church is a recent addition to the building and in the porch, there is a holy water font that has the date 1720 inscribed on it. Two stained glass windows on the left of the church are in memory to Robert Clery. These windows show the images of St. Ita, St. Munchin, St. Joseph and St. John the Baptist. There is a stained glass window on the right of the church that depicts the Sacred Heart and the Virgin Mary. This window is to the memory of Patrick Power. There is also a stained glass window to St. Patrick and St. Brigid.

Stained Glass Windows in Athlacca Church  Stained Glass Windows in Athlacca Church
© Stained Glass Windows
in Athlacca Church

To the left of the main altar is a small altar to the Queen of Peace. The Baptismal font is to the memory of Pakie and Kathleen Lynch. The priest's chair was given by Pat Lane and family while John O'Keeffe and family donated the pulpit.

Buried within the church is:

  David Quaid, P.P. 1866-1890, Died November 29 1890, Aged 74

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Joseph Leonard, P.P. 1963-1973, Died January 7 1973
  Daniel O'Keefe, P.P. 1973-1979, Died September 6 1979
  Joseph O'Beirne, P.P. 1979-1987, Died July 20 1987, aged 68

Begley also states in Volume III of his "History of the Diocese of Limerick" that Fr Tuohy was buried in the church when he died in 1847.

Dromin Church | Athlacca Church | Church Ruins

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