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Church Ruins

Kilbroney Church Ruin
© Kilbroney Church Ruin

There is a church ruin in Athlacca North called Kilbroney on the land of the Irwin family. Lewis says that this church has some very interesting tombs to the De Lacy family. Spellissy/O'Brien gives details of what was left of the ruin. It is said that the ruin dates from the 15th century. All that remains of the church is one wall. Trees surround the ruin but the ground around the church is at a higher level than the rest of the field. Spellissy/O'Brien dates the present ruin from the 15th century.

Westropp mentions a church in Athlacca North called St Laurence's Church. However, Westropp also lists a church called Kilbruainy, located near St Broney's well in Athlacca.

Church Ruin at Dromin Graveyard
© Church Ruin at Dromin graveyard

There is a church ruin in the graveyard in Dromin. It is believed that the church was built in the 16th century and was used for Protestant worship after the Reformation. As you enter the site of the ruin, the first feature of the ruin that you see is what looks to be the remains of a bell tower. However, it was actually the living quarters of the priests of the parish.

Ruin of the Priest's Residence in Dromin Church Ruin
© Ruin of the Priest's Residence

Over the doorway there is a plaque to the Gubbins family, who owned Maidstown Castle. Inside the church, there is what appeared at first to be the entrance to a tunnel. Legend has it that there was a tunnel that went from here to Maidstown castle. However, according to "Limerick - The Rich Land", this opening is a crypt which is believed to be the burial place of John Ormsby who was a member of the local gentry.

There was an old church in Athlacca but after the Reformation, it was converted to Protestant worship. The site of this church was in the graveyard in Athlacca. The original building was still in use until 1813 when it was knocked to build a new Church of Ireland parish church at the same site.

There was a mass house in Athlacca at Athlacca Cross.

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