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Dromin graveyard
© Dromin Graveyard

The present day graveyard in Dromin contains the church ruin described above. The graveyard is kept in good condition and there are two tombs in the graveyard. One of the tombs is in memory of John McGuiness, who died on September 2nd 1870. The oldest headstone that we came across was from 1747 and it was to the memory of John Donworth, who died on March 9th, 1747.

Athlacca Graveyard
© Athlacca graveyard

The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard at Athlacca church was from 1896 and is the headstone of Patrick Power who died on October 18th of that year at the age of 57. Due to a lack of space, some of the ground in the old Church of Ireland is now being used as a graveyard. This new section of the graveyard is separate to the old section of the graveyard.

There are a large number of old headstones in this graveyard, which was used as a burial place for both Catholics and Protestants. The oldest headstone that we came across was to Pakie Casey who died on May 15, 1750. Near the bell tower in the graveyard, there are a number of tombs and there is also a large headstone on the ground. This headstone is only partially intact but contains the names David, John and Thomas Lacy and the date 1623. The Lacys may have actually been the De Lacys who lived in the area as landlords.

Boherard graveyard
© Boherard graveyard

There is also a graveyard in Boherard. This graveyard was used during the famine and, as a result, there are a large number of marker stones in the graveyard. The graveyard is in the process of being tidied up. The oldest headstone that we found was from 1813 and was to the memory of Nancy Moloney who died on December 19th of that year.

Westropp lists Kilbreedy as a burial ground in Athlacca. However, the location of this burial ground is no longer known.

Packie Lynch also told us that there was also a graveyard at the site of Kilbroney church in Athlacca North. A large number of marker stones were formerly on the site but all these stones were levelled and taken away.

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