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Church Ruins

Church Ruin in St Nicholas' graveyard
St Nicholas' church ruin and graveyard
© St Nicholas' Church Ruin

St Nicholas' Church was the Church of Ireland parish church in Adare until 1806. This church is located in St Nicholas' graveyard beside the Adare golf club grounds, and to the north of the castle. The parish church of St Nicholas of Myra was named in honour of a fourth century Archbishop in Asia Minor who is regarded as the patron saint of children. Santa Claus is a corruption of his name. It was built and then rebuilt between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Chapel of ease in St Nicholas' graveyard
© Chapel of ease in St Nicholas' graveyard

There is a second ruined church located in this graveyard. This was a Chapel of Ease dating from the 15th century. According to Lenihan, "An ancient chapel stands at a little distance from the castle…in this chapel several members of the Quin family (family name of Dunraven Earls) were buried." It also contained chaplains' quarters located near its eastern end.

Clonshire Church Ruin
© Clonshire Church Ruin

The church ruin in Clonshire graveyard is small but largely intact. The graveyard surrounding the ruin is still in use. Clonshire takes its name from Cluain Siar, which means "the western meadow". Clonshire church was sometimes called Teampaill na Cille, which means "the church of the burial ground". Lewis mentioned the 'shafts of two very ancient crosses' that were visible in the churchyard in 1837, however, we did not see any sign of these crosses on our visit.

Dunaman Church Ruin

© Dunaman Church Ruin

Close-up of the holy water font in Dunaman Church

Trinity church is located north-east of Dunaman Tower house in the townland of Donoman. This ruined church was also called 'Teampaill na Trionoide'. Westropp measured the nave and chancel as 43 feet by 21feet and 23 feet by 16 feet. There is an old holy water font that is still intact within the church ruin.

Drehidtrasna Church Ruin
© Drehidtrasna Church

Interior of Drehidtrasna Bell Tower
© Drehidtrasna Bell Tower

There is a church ruin in Drehidtrasna, located in the graveyard of the same name. The belltower and the main body of the church are partly covered in ivy, but are in good condition. There are two windows in either wall of the ruin. The surrounding graveyard is still in use. According to Westropp this Church of Ireland church was built on the old site of a medieval Church in the old parish in Drehidtrasna.

There was also a church in Kiltenan but the site is forgotten. Westropp records a church in Kilcurly near Kilcurly house. This building was roofed in 1657.

Kilgobbin church and Castle Robert church were located in two of the ancient parishes, which today make up the parish of Adare. In 1418 Castle Robert was the chapel of Adare. The church was demolished to build a bridge. Kilgobbin chapel was a little oratory that measured 27 ½ feet long and 19 feet wide. The exact location of both these buildings is now forgotten.

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