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New graveyard in Adare
© New Graveyard in Adare

The new graveyard in Adare is located behind the present parish church, the Trinitarian Abbey. St Nicholas' cemetery was opened in 1978.

St Nicholas' Graveyard
© St Nicholas' Graveyard

Another graveyard is located in the grounds of St Nicholas' Church, the old parish church in Adare. This graveyard is in good condition, and there is a parish committee currently involved in cleaning and maintaining the graveyard.

The oldest headstone that we found in this graveyard was in memory of Cat Dwyer, who died on the 24th of February 1744. There was also a headstone in memory of Margaret Dwyer, who died on March 29th 1739 or 1759, aged 42. The inscription on the headstone was faded so we were unable to discern which of the two dates was correct.

Burial Place of the Earls of Dunraven
© Burial Place of the Earls of Dunraven

A wall encloses the Protestant section of this graveyard. There are also Catholics buried in this section. It is here that the modern burial place of the Earls of Dunraven can be found.

Clonshire Graveyard
© Clonshire Graveyard

Clonshire graveyard is located in the townland of Barnakyle. An old church ruin is situated within this graveyard. The oldest headstone that we came across here was in memory of Hanna Mark\m (this abbreviated version of the name appeared on the headstone, but we believe it to be Markham) who died on April 16th 1790, aged 21.

Drehidtrasna Graveyard
© Drehidtrasna graveyard

Drehidtrasna graveyard surrounds the ruin of a Protestant church. This graveyard is located across the road from the townland of Glebe, so named because the Protestant minister resided there. The graveyard is still in use. It is fairly well kept.

A collection plate with the name 'Drehidtrasna' inscribed on it was found here, and is now on display in the Heritage Centre in Adare. The oldest headstone that we found here was in memory of Maurice Hogan, who spent 16 years as Parish Priest of Croagh/Kilfinny. He died on July 7th 1818 aged 70 years.

View of Dunaman graveyard   Dunaman graveyard
© Dunaman graveyard

There is a graveyard in the grounds of the church in Dunaman. In the graveyard there is a headstone that is made from the base of a tree. However there is no inscription on this headstone. There is a tomb to members of the Sheehy family. The oldest headstone that we found was to John Toomy who died in July 1818, at the age of 88.

Wooden Headstone in Dunaman graveyard
© Wooden Headstone in Dunaman Graveyard
Cregaun Graveyard
© Cregaun Graveyard

There is a graveyard in the townland of Tuogh, which is locally known as Creagaun. In his book "Kenry", Máirtín Ó Corrbuí mentions a graveyard called Creagán na hUla which is also known as Knockaunahall. This graveyard was only used by a limited number of families. Ó Corrbuí states that the last burial here was in 1973. Access to the graveyard is through private lands owned by the Long family.

In 1940 in a sandpit outside the wall of the graveyard, Fr J. Culhane found a Papal Seal, which is also called a Papal Bull. The seal had the likeness of St. Peter on one side and Pope Benedict VIII (1294-1303) on the other side. This seal may have been intended for one of the monasteries in Adare.

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