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Foynes Church

Foynes Church
© Foynes Church

The original church in Foynes was built in the early 1870s but the design of architect J. J. McCarthy was never completed due to a shortage of funds. John Ryan & Son, Limerick built the church on a site given by Lord Monteagle. The church cost £1,864. 13s. 9d. and over 670 people contributed to its construction. "The Munster News" states in its edition of 18th April 1874 that most of the credit for the building of the church should go to Stephen E. de Vere.

Extension of Foynes church
© Extension of Foynes church

Grotto outside Foynes Church
© Grotto outside Foynes Church

One hundred years later it was decided that the church needed to be renovated. The designers were Sheahan Architects and Ml. Nash, Contractors, carried out the work. Bishop Jeremiah Newman blessed the renovated church, along with the new extension on the 9th March 1975. A Lourdes Grotto was erected at the back of the church in 1987.

Altar in Foynes Church
© Altar in Foynes Church

Within the church there is a stained glass window of the Body and Blood at the back door. In the back porch of the church there is a picture of Our Lady of Limerick. On the right wall of the church opposite the altar, there is a crest of the Lamb of God that is cut from stone. Also on this side of the church there is a shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.

Interior of Foynes church
© Interior of Foynes church

To the right of the main altar is a mosaic of Mary and Child and further right there is a mosaic to St Theresa of Liseux. On the opposite side of the church there is a mosaic of the Sacred Heart while further left there is a mosaic of St Joseph.

Mosaics in Foynes Church  Mosaics in Foynes Church
© Mosaics in Foynes Church

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