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Holy Wells

St Patrick's Well
© St Patrick's Well

St Patrick's Well is situated about 200 yards from the back of the old church in Cloncagh. This is the only well in the parish at which rounds are still made.

The well was refurbished in the 1970s. In 1999, the dedication at the well was held in May, not on March 17th as usual. The congregation, led by Fr Crawford, walked from the church at Cloncagh to the old cemetery at Cloncagh, and from there on to the well. This route chosen for this walk symbolised the circle of life and the connection between life, death and the water of life.

Local tradition associates St Patrick with the origins of the well. While St Patrick was praying in the area at a rock called Leacht Phadraig, he saw a serpent approaching the church. He threw his prayer book at the serpent, and in doing so banished it forever from the area. The well sprang up where his prayer book hit the ground.

It is claimed that the water can cure blindness and that if your wish is to be granted, you will see a fish in the well.

There were three other wells in the parish. Two of these were in the townland of Cloncagh. Lady's Well has disappeared and there are no longer any devotions at Sunday's Well.

In the old parish of Clonelty, there was a well called Tobermeedy in the townland of Lissaniska West. The well, which was dedicated to St Ida, was faced with stone and was in an enclosure, now overgrown with bushes. This enclosure was thought to be a burial ground. The well is believed to have moved from Moviddy townland.

Marian Shrine

Knockaderry Marian Shrine
© Knockaderry Marian Shrine

Beside the church at Knockaderry, there is a Marian shrine that was erected in 1963. The statue was shipped from Rome to Limerick at a cost of £41. Devotions are held here in May and October.

Holy Wells | Shrine

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