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Cloncagh graveyard
© Cloncagh graveyard

The modern graveyard at Cloncagh was laid out on lands purchased from the Hickey family in 1959 and is beside the present day church. There are three other cemeteries in the parish.

Ruins of Cloncagh church and graveyard
© Ruins of Cloncagh church and graveyard

In the old graveyard at Cloncagh there are many old headstones, some of which date back to the 1680s. Westropp records an inscription on the north wall to the O'Sullivan family, which dates from this time.

There is also a tomb to the D'Arcy family, who were local landlords and lived in Ahalin, and later in Knockaderry House. This tomb dates back to the early 1800s and was built in memory of Mary D'Arcy who died on May 22nd 1800 aged 10 and her mother Conyens who died in 1809. John Tierney of Ballyscanlan in Rathkeale built the tomb. Each year the grounds are cleaned up as part of FÁS work schemes, with the co-operation of the Knockaderry/Cloncagh Council and Limerick County Council.

Kilcolman graveyard
© Kilcolman graveyard

In the townland of Kilcolman there is a cemetery, which is still in use. A monk by the name of Colman came to the area and formed a settlement, which overlooked the area now known as Rathkeale. Fr Crawford suggested that this area might have been the site of a mass rock because of the extensive view of the surrounding countryside. Most of the people interred in this graveyard are from the Rathkeale area.

Grange graveyard
© Grange graveyard

There is also a graveyard in the townland of Grange. The oldest headstone that we came across here was in memory to Michael James Woulfe who died in November 1844.

Possible church ruin in Kilcolman graveyard
© Possible church ruin in Kilcolman graveyard
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