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Famous People

St Maidoc

There are a number of stories associated with the life and times of St Maidoc. St Maidoc was born in Co. Cavan to a noble family about the year 560 AD. He went to Wales to study under St David and later became a Bishop. He died in 632 AD and is buried in Ferns.

On receiving news that some of his family was being held captive in Hy Conaill Gabhra, which is the present barony of Connello. Maidoc went to see the Chief who refused to have an audience with him. In response to this, Maidoc went on a fast for three days outside the entrance to the fort.

When he ended his fast, the Chief's beloved daughter died suddenly. Her mother brought her body outside to Maidoc who gave her life again. However, the Chief was still refusing to free his prisoners. Maidoc began to curse the Chief and a small boy wished that the curse would fall on a rock to make the Chief see the power of Maidoc. The rock was divided into parts and the Chief began to repent and freed Maidoc's family and offered land to Maidoc to build a monastery.

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