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Oldest section of Kilfinane graveyard
© Oldest section of Kilfinane graveyard

The graveyard in Kilfinane is located across the road from the parish church. The graveyard is divided into three different sections. The oldest headstone that we found was from 1808 and was erected by Thomas Sheedy in memory of his father Cornelius and his brother John, who died on January 14th, aged 42.

Cross in Kilfinane graveyard
© Cross in Kilfinane graveyard

We believe that the date refers only to John's death. However, the script on the headstone was difficult to read.

As the graveyard dates from at least 1760 (judging by the church ruins located there), there are probably older headstones in the graveyard. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time, the writing on some of these headstones is illegible.

New section of Kilfinane graveyard
© New section of Kilfinane graveyard

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