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Holy Wells

Sunday's Well
© Sunday's Well

In Kilfinane, there are two wells in close proximity in the townland of Thomastown. Both wells are situated within the one field. The first is Toberreendoney or Sunday's Well. This well is said to be the old site of Lady's Well, the other well in the field. Danaher claims that Sunday's Well is a souterrain and sometimes holds water. There is no tradition of any devotions at this well.

Lady's Well  The statue at Lady's Well
© Lady's Well

Lady's Well is about 50 yards further on from Sunday's Well. A statue was erected at this well in 1999 and the bushes are decorated with rags that were left as offerings. The statue, however, is located deep within the bushes and briars that surround the well, and is difficult to see. According to legend, a blind man was cured at the well and the water is the well will not boil. In 1999 a congregation lead by Fr O'Connor walked from the church in Kilfinane to Lady's Well.

There was also a well in the townland of Kilfinane called St. Finnane's Well but the exact site of this well is unknown.

The Marion shrine in Kilfinane
© The Marion shrine in Kilfinane

There are two shrines in the parish. The Marian Shrine was erected in the Marian Year of 1954. This shrine is located at Mill Hill.

Sacred Heart shrine
© Sacred Heart shrine

The statue to the Sacred Heart is in the Main Street in Kilfinane.

Holy Wells | Shrines

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