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Kilmeedy Church

Kilmeedy Church
© Kilmeedy Church

The church in Kilmeedy is dedicated to St Ita and is located in the centre of Kilmeedy village. According to the foundation stone, Bishop David Keane and Fr David O'Riordan PP blessed the church on October 11 1942.

Altar in Kilmeedy Church
© Altar in Kilmeedy Church

Inside the church, there is an altar to Our Lady that was donated by James Moore who died in 1978. To the left of the altar there is a statue to the Sacred Heart, while on the right there is a statue to St Joseph. The windows are of a plain design.

Statue of Joseph and Child in Kilmeedy Church  Statue of the Sacred Heart in Kilmeedy Church
© Statues in Kilmeedy Church

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Patrick Gerard Ryan, Died April 21 1984, P.P. 1975 - 1984
  Canon James Bluett, Died December 29 1974, P.P. 1963 - 1974
  Patrick Finn, Died October 25 1962, P.P. 1948 - 1962

Feenagh Church | Kilmeedy Church | Church Ruins

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