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Feenagh Church

Feenagh Church
© Feenagh Church

The church in Feenagh is also dedicated to St Ita. A plaque in the porch of the church describes the history of churches in Feenagh since the 18th century. The church in Feenagh was originally a thatched building from the post penal times. In the late 18th century it was rebuilt and a slated roof was put on the building. It also acquired its 'T' shape during this renovation.

In 1877, it was renovated again by Fr Patrick Lee PP, at which time the walls were raised, a 'barn' roof was laid with stone parapets and Gothic style windows were fitted. The plaque also gives the details of the formation of the present day parish of Feenagh/Kilmeedy. The church was renovated once again in 1976.

Statue of Joseph in Feenagh Church  Statue of the Mother and Child in Feenagh Church  Statue of the Sacred Heart in Feenagh church
© Statues in Feenagh Church

Outside of the church on the left there is a statue to Mary, erected during the Marian Year of 1988. On the right there is a plaque to Mgr. Michael O'Riordan who was from Kilmurry in Feenagh. In 1905 he became the Rector of the Irish College in Rome. Mgr. O'Riordan did much for the cause of the Irish Martyrs, especially Oliver Plunkett. Mgr. O'Riordan died on August 27th 1919. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of his death, this plaque was erected in 1989.

The windows in the porch were donated by Pat Murphy and family of Tireeg, John Irwin and family of Feenagh, and Margaret Murphy of Gurteen. On the right of the main body of the church there is a plaque listing the donors for the baptismal font. Near the altar, there is another plaque that lists more donors of various articles to the church when it was renovated in 1976.

Stained Glass Window above the altar in Feenagh church
© Stained Glass Window in Feenagh Church

The stained glass windows over the altar depict (from left to right) St Anthony, the Crucifixion and St David. David MacMahon of Philadelphia erected these windows in July 1907 to the memory of Hanora Irwin, her brother William and Michael McMahon.

To the left of the altar, outside the sanctuary, there is a statue of the Virgin and Child that was donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Browne of Clogheen in the Holy Year of 1950. Within the sanctuary, there is a statue to St Joseph and to the right of the altar there is a statue of the Sacred Heart.

Altar in Feenagh Church
© Altar in Feenagh Church

According to the plaque to the far right of the altar, the sanctuary tiling was erected by David and Mrs. O'Leary Hannigan of Kilbolane Castle in 1907 to the memory of William O'Leary Hannigan, his wife Debora and Miss Eily Mary O'Leary Hannigan. Nearer the altar there is a plaque that states that David MacMahon and the people of the parish donated the marble high altar.

Buried in the grounds of the church is:

  Canon Jeremiah O'Gorman, Died January 23 1941, P.P. 1925 - 1941

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