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Fedamore graveyard
© Fedamore graveyard

The present graveyard in Fedamore is located in the townland of Fedamore. It is very well kept. This graveyard is full, however, and the parish is currently looking for a new graveyard site.

Old Fedamore Graveyard
© Old Fedamore graveyard

The old Fedamore graveyard is also well kept. There are three tombs in the graveyard. The oldest legible inscription that we found in the graveyard was on one of these tombs. This inscription was in memory of John Keating "doctor in Physick" who died February 6th 1732, aged 25 and 9 months. Also remembered in this inscription were Catern and Honara, sisters who both died very young, being the children of Mr Keating of Fanningstown.

Headstone in memory of William P. Clifford
© Headstone in memory of
William P. Clifford

A headstone of note that we found in the graveyard was in memory of William P.Clifford who died February 16th 1949 aged 73 years. William Clifford was President of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) from 1926-1928.

Fanningstown graveyard
© Fanningstown graveyard

The Fanningstown graveyard is located on the site of the Fanningstown church. No trace of this church remains, however, although the empty space in the far right corner of the graveyard would suggest that the church might have been situated there.

The graveyard is currently being done up by FÁS workers. Many of the headstones have also been cleaned. The oldest headstone in the graveyard is in memory of Michael Keane, who died June 22nd 1768, aged 33.

Rockstown graveyard
© Rockstown graveyard

Rockstown graveyard is located beside the ruins of Rockstown church. The site is near Rockstown castle. The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard was in memory of Michael John Barry who died December 10th 1814, aged 72.

Kilpeacon graveyard
© Kilpeacon graveyard

Catholics are also buried in Kilpeacon graveyard, the graveyard attached to the Church of Ireland church. The oldest headstone that we came across, which we believe to be Catholic, was in memory of Johanna Seahanan, who died 16th November 1809.

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