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Holy Wells | Mass Rock

Holy Wells

St Patrick's well
© Saint Patrick's Well

St Patrick's Well is located in Kilpeacon. A spring flows in an open field. Devotions have ceased. Access to this well is difficult, and without the help of Mike Ryan, native of the parish who last visited the well in 1952, we could not have located it. Legend says that pilgrims saw the figure of St Patrick in the well.

Danaher refers to St John's Well in Fedamore, which has disappeared, although its spring apparently now supplies a pump. The original well was reputedly located in the graveyard of the old Protestant church in Fedamore.

Mass Rock

According to locals there was a mass rock at Rockstown, however, it is now inaccessible. People no longer visit the site of the mass rock. The mass rock in Fedamore was situated in a hollow below Rockstown Castle, and was hidden from view of the castle.

Holy Wells | Mass Rock

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