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Kilquane graveyard
© Kilquane graveyard

Kilquane graveyard is located on the site of the ruin of Kilquane church. This graveyard is well kept. Fr Coughlan informed us that the parishioners hold a collection for the upkeep of the graveyard. The oldest headstone that we found was erected by James Fitzgibbon, in memory of his father W. Edm. Fitzgibbon, age 29, Feb 26th, 1764.

Effin graveyard
© Effin graveyard

Effin graveyard is situated a short distance from Effin church. This graveyard is very well maintained. The oldest headstone that we found in the graveyard is in memory of Mairen Fore, March 24th 1747, aged 55. This headstone is located beside the well-preserved ruins in the centre of the graveyard. There was also a tomb in the graveyard to the Sullivan family and the Russell family.

The parish priest of Effin, Edward Lee, native of Rathkeale, who died in 1834, was buried in Glenogra graveyard, to the south-east of the ruin, in a beautiful altar tomb.

According to Maurice Lenihan's History of Limerick, there were several ancient tombstones with inscriptions in the Irish character. However, there are few traces of these tombstones now.

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