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Holy Wells

Holy Trinity Well
© Holy Trinity Well

Holy Trinity well is in the townland of Wellfield in Dromin. This well was restored in 1976 to its present state and a pattern has been established again at the well since it was revived by Athlacca Glór na nGael. In 1988 the Mockler family erected a statue to Our Lady at the well. There are no known rounds to the well and mass is celebrated at the well on the feastday of the Holy Trinity. Prior to this restoration, the well was used by cattle as a watering hole.

St Broney's well was near the church ruin in Kilbroney on land belonging to the Irwin family. The well was to the north of the church but it is now covered in. People used to visit the well to make rounds on February 7-11. The pattern day was on the 15th of August. St Broney's feastday was on April 2nd.

In the townland of Athlacca South there was a well called St John the Baptist's well. This well is said to have moved to the roadside when desecrated.

In the townland of Ballincurra there is a Holy Well called St Patrick's well and in recent years, devotions have taken place at the well on March 17th. According to legend there is a stone beside the well that bears the imprints of St Patrick's knees and elbows. There is also a large stone nearby that is said to have been used as a Mass Rock during Penal times.

In the old parish of Uregare, there was a well in the townland of Bulgadenhall called St Patrick's well. Today Bulgadenhall is in the parish of Dromin/Athlacca. The well is now rarely visited. The well was visited for the cure of coughs and colds. St Patrick is believed to have blessed the well.

Danaher also mentions a well called St Lawrence's that was in the Athlacca side of the parish but Danaher doubts if this was a Holy Well.

One of the legends about the well is that a Protestant lady threw some silver coins into the well as an offering. A Catholic drained the well to get the money and then spent the money on drink. As he left the public house, the man was struck dead.

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