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Croagh graveyard
© Croagh graveyard

There is a new graveyard at the back of the church in Croagh.

Croagh Abbey graveyard
© Croagh Abbey graveyard

The old graveyard in Croagh is in the grounds of the abbey. The oldest headstone that we found was from 1802 and it was in memory of Denis Smith who died on January 1st of that year at the age of 28.

Ballynakill graveyard
© Ballynakill graveyard

In the graveyard in Ballynakill, the oldest headstone that we found was to Michael Foley who died on April 23rd 1794, aged 26. However inside the church ruin we found a headstone that was broken in a number of pieces. This headstone was in memory to Anne Pigott who died May 28th 1683. It appeared that this headstone was originally on a pedestal near the wall of the church.

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