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Holy Wells

Tobereendoney Well
© Tobereendoney Well

According to Danaher, there are three wells in the parish. In the Croagh division of the parish there are two wells. In the townland of Ballinvira the well is called Toberreendoney. This well is in a field and is just beside a stream. In the past, visits were made before sunrise on Sundays. The well was famous for the cure of sore eyes and is said to be connected in some way with St Ita. According to local tradition, a woman was cured of blindness at the well.

The other Holy Well in Croagh is in the townland of Ballymacave and is called St James' Well. The feastday of the well was the 25th of July and crowds came to the well at dawn on the eve of the feastday.

The well is believed to have been on the bank of a stream but has disappeared due to the water from the well being incorporated into to a drainage scheme. Rags were hung on nearby bushes. If applied by someone called James between sunset and sunrise, the water cured St James' Evil, which Danaher tells us is scrofula. Scrofula is the development of glandular swellings and consumption, which is also called the king's evil.

St Ciaran's Well
© St Ciaran's Well

The well in the Kilfinny part of the parish is in Ballynakill townland and is called St Ciarán's well. This well is besides the church ruin in Ballynakill. The well has steps leading down to the water level.

The rounds were mainly made on September 9th, the feast of St. Ciarán. The rounds took place partly in the graveyard and partly around the well. The water is believed to cure sore eyes and St. Ciarán's footprints are said to be visible on one of the stones at the well.


Shrine to the Virgin Mary
© Shrine to the Virgin Mary

In the Marian Year 1988, the Costello family erected a shrine to the Virgin Mary. This shrine is near the abbey in Croagh, facing towards the N20.

Bicentenary Plaque

Plaque in Kilfinny churchyard
© Plaque in Kilfinny churchyard

This plaque was unveiled on 9th September 1990, the feast of St Ciaran to commemorate the bicentenary of Kilfinny church.

Holy Wells | Shrine | Bicentenary Plaque

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