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Church Ruins

Ballynakill Church Ruin
© Ballynakill Church Ruin

There are church ruins in Kilfinny in the townland of Ballynakill. Westropp measured the church ruins, which consists of a nave and choir as 40 feet by 18 feet and 15 feet by 14 feet. The walls are 12 feet by 3 feet and in 1810 the choir was rebuilt and used as a burial place for the Pigott family. The ruins are now surrounded by a graveyard.

Abbey Ruin in Croagh
© Abbey Ruin in Croagh

There is a church ruin in Croagh in the townland of Adamswood. This church was a collegiate church but prior to that, this was the site of an Augustinian abbey. According to a plaque on the abbey wall, this abbey was used as a seminary for a number of centuries. The abbey was founded around the 10th century and was used by a religious order called the Augustinians Canons. The chancel was still in use when Westropp visited the site in the early 20th century. The church was cruciform in shape and had been used as a Protestant church from the 18th century until the 1830s.

Begley mentions a chapel in Lismuck (now called Lisnamuck) but neither Begley nor Westropp give any details or site of this chapel.

Kilfinny Church | Croagh Church | Church Ruins

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