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Sixmilebridge Church

Sixmilebridge Church
© Sixmilebridge Church

Fr John Bourke built the little church in Sixmilebridge in 1857/8. This church is unique in the Diocese of Limerick because it does not have a patron saint. It was renovated in the 1970s. Fr Ronald Costello P.P also renovated the church in 1986. According to a plaque inside the door of the church, Bishop Jeremiah Newman rededicated the church in December 1986.

Altar in Sixmilebridge Church
© Altar in Sixmilebridge Church
Stained Glass Window of Our Lady of Fatima
© Stained Glass Window in
Sixmilebridge Church

At this time, 12 new stained glass windows were installed in the church, which were donated by various people. As you enter the church porch, there is a stained glass window that depicts the parable of the farmer sowing seed on the land. Anne Hogan (nee Quinn) donated this window in memory of her father and mother, Thomas and Margaret Quinn of Ballintlea.

There are two stained glass windows over the door at the back of the church, which depict Our Lady of Fatima. Bishop Newman and Fr Costello P.P donated this window.

Altar Carving in Sixmilebridge Church
© Altar Carving in Sixmilebridge Church

The front of the altar bears an impressive carving depicting Jesus falling with the Cross on the way to Calvary. In front of the altar on the left there is a plaque to Fr James O'Shea who is buried in the grounds of Cratloe Church. On the right of the altar there is a plaque to FitzJames-Kelly.

Statue of the Sacred Heart  Statue of the Mother and Child
© Statues in Sixmilebridge Church

Behind the altar on the left there is a statue to the Mother and Child and on the right there is a statue to the Sacred Heart. There is also a decorative reredos behind the altar. A new set of Stations of the Cross was erected in the church during the renovations. The church was re-roofed in August 1988.

Tabernacle in Sixmilebridge church
© Tabernacle in Sixmilebridge Church

The church in Sixmilebridge was not always a chapel of ease. A chalice in the church was stolen by British soldiers but it was later recovered. Since then, the Blessed Sacrament has not been kept in this church and so to this day, it is a chapel of ease.

Cratloe Church | Sixmilebridge Church | Church Ruins

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