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Church Ruins

Prior to the building of the present church in Sixmilebridge, there was a thatched church on the same site, which was built in 1779.

Church Ruins at Craughaun
© Church Ruins at Craughaun

There are church ruins at Craughaun, which was called 'the church of the little hall' in Brickhill. The church was a single cell church and was rectangular in shape. Craughaun Church was the parish church by 1418. Only one wall remains of the church and that is now partly covered by ivy.

Prior to the building of the parish church in Craughaun, the parish church was St Thomas's chapel and it was located on the mountain at Ballybroughan, near Cratloe. This chapel may have actually been the church in Kilfintinan.

Wall of Kilfintinan Graveyard
© Walls of Kilfintinan Graveyard,
possibly incorporating the ruins of Kilfintinan Church

St Fintinan had a church dedicated to him in Ballybroughan. This church was in the old parish of Kilfintinan but no trace remains of it today. It is possible that the ruins of the church were incorporated into the wall of the Kilfintinan graveyard.

St John's Chapel at Cratloe Moyle Castle
© St John's Chapel at Cratloe Moyle Castle

St John's chapel was situated next to Cratloe Moyle castle. This chapel was not a parish church but it was an oratory. The chapel building still stands but is now covered over by briars and trees and from a distance, all that can be seen is a clump of trees.

According to James Frost's "The History and Topography of the County of Clare" from 1893, the ruin of a Friary was removed by Augustus Stafford O'Brien MP around 1860 or so. O'Brien's reason for removing the ruin was that it was interfering with his view from his windows in Cratloe Hall. It is not known which order of Friars lived in the Friary.

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