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Coolcappa Church

Coolcappa Church
© Coolcappa Church

The church in Coolcappa is dedicated to St Kyran and was built in 1970. On the foundation stone, the saint's name is spelt as St Kieran although the correct spelling of the parish saint's name is Kyran. Bishop Henry Murphy, along with Fr. William O'Connell P.P laid the foundation stone on the 28th of June 1970. The architects were P. J. Sheahan & Associates and E. Murphy & Sons were the builders.

Stained Glass Window in Coolcappa Church  Stained Glass Window in Coolcappa Church
© Stained Glass Windows in Coolcappa Church

There are stained glass windows of St. Patrick and St. Francis of Assisi on the right hand side of the church, while on the left hand side of the church there are windows to the Sacred Heart and St. Peter. There are two stained glass windows at the door of the church including a depiction of St Kyran.

Altar in Coolcappa church
© Altar in Coolcappa Church

To the left of the altar there is a statue to the Virgin Mary and on the right of the altar there is a statue to the Sacred Heart. The statue in the church grounds is believed to be either St Kyran or St Patrick.

In June 1985, five priests were reburied in the grounds of the new church in Coolcappa. The priests had originally been buried in the old church in Coolcappa.

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Darby McEgan P.P., Died 12th September 1838 , Aged 55 years
  Michael McMahon P.P., Died 10th June 1877 , Aged 80 years
  Michael Connery P.P., Died 26th June 1883 , Aged 55 years
  M. J. Toomey C.C., Died 30th May 1926 , Aged 37 years
  Michael Potter, Died 7th June 1885 , Aged 42 years, (Nephew to Fr. McMahon)

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