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Church Ruins

Fr Darby Egan built the church in Kilcolman in 1827 that stood on the site of the present church. The wooden altar from this church is in the sacristy of the present day church.

Kilcolman Church Ruin
© Kilcolman Church Ruin

There are also church ruins in Kilcolman graveyard across the road from the present day church. This church is first mentioned in records as being from 1253 when the monks and abbots of Athassel Abbey in Tipperary repaired it. The abbey housed an order of Augustinian monks. The church was destroyed in a war of 1641. A plaque was erected in November 1999 to commemorate the priests and monks who served the area during the years from the early 13th century to 1641.

Prior to 1970, the church in Coolcappa was situated near the present day site. The church was built in 1834 under the leadership of Darby Egan. Thomas Bateman of Alta Villa laid the foundation stone on April 8th 1834. Bateman contributed a large sum of money to the building of the church along with the marble altar that was in the former church. When the new church in Coolcappa was built in 1970, the old church was demolished, and no trace of it now remains.

Dunmoylan Church Ruin
© Dunmoylan Church Ruin

There was also a church at Dunmoylan but all that remains of this church is the south wall. Some stones that were once part of the building lie around the site. Westropp measured the foundations of the church as 42 feet by 18 feet. The church belonged to the monastery of St. Catherine near Shanagolden. Begley states that in the past the grounds were used as a burial ground. The ruins of Dunmoylan castle are across the road from this ruin.

Kilbraden Church Ruin
© Kilbraden Church Ruin

There is a church ruin in Kilbroderan (today it is spelt as Kilbradran) that is at the foot of the hill. What remains of the church in Kilbradran is still in good condition. The church ruin is believed to date from the 17th century. Westropp believed that the church was dedicated to St. Brandon, however, Begley said that the church was dedicated to St. Brendan. The churches in Kilbradran and Kilcolman are believed to have been built around 1250. Both churches were under the control of the Augustinians monks of Athassell Abbey in Tipperary.

Clonagh Church Ruin
© Clonagh Church Ruin

As stated earlier, Clonagh was once a parish in its own right and the small church ruin is located near St. Kyran's well. The church ruin is situated in Clonagh graveyard.

There was also a church in Moyreen and in his "History of the Diocese of Limerick" Begley wrote about of a tradition of a chapel in Rathreaghmore. No trace remains today of either of these churches.

Coolcappa Church | Kilcolman Church | Church Ruins

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