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Holy Wells

St Patrick's Well  Statue at St Patrick's Well
© St Patrick's Well and Statue

Danaher mentions five wells in the parish but we only came across three wells on our visit to the parish. St. Patrick's well in the townland of Ballyelan is the only well in the parish where any devotions still take place.

Legend tells that St. Patrick passed the well on his way to Ardpatrick from Knockpatrick. A stone bearing the print of his hand was supposed to have been at the well. On St. Patrick's Day in 1999, the people marched from the church in Ballingarry to the well.

In the past, mass was said on March 17th but nowadays the Rosary is said at the well due to the well being situated on a bend in the road. The water is believed to cure sore eyes. The well has been renovated and a statue of St. Patrick stands over the well.

Tobar Ri an Domhnaigh
© Tobar Ri an Domhnaigh

Just outside Ballingarry there are two wells in the townland of Rylanes on opposite sides of the road. Sunday's well is now used for the public water supply in the village. The well was called Tobar Rí an Domhnaigh in Irish. The well used to be visited on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. The water was said to cure many diseases.

St John's Well
© St John's Well

The other well in Rylanes is John's well. This well is a small spring in a field and a number of trees surround the well. A woman used to draw water from the well until a couple of years ago. No devotions take place at the well nowadays.

Danaher also says there was another St. Patrick's well in Coolrus. The well was a strong spring that was surrounded by thorn bushes and rags were left on the bushes. The water was meant to cure sore eyes. St. Patrick blessed the well and the well moved when clothes were washed in the well.

The final well that is mentioned in Danaher's "Holy Wells of Co. Limerick" is in the Granagh side of the parish. The well is called the Blessed well and is in the townland of Graigacurragh. The small well is about 400 yards from Granagh church. No devotions are remembered and the water is said to cure stomach disorders if drunk before breakfast.

There is also a Sunday's well at Lissyfine, which was situated on side of Liskennett hill, and it was never known to go dry. The water was said to cure diseases of the eye.

Holy Cross

Knockfierna Cross
© Knockfierna Cross

In the Holy Year of 1950 a cross was erected on the hill of Knockfierna. The cross is surrounded at the base by the stones of the ancient cairn, which may have been used in the building of Stuadhraicin.


Ballingarry Shrine
© Ballingarry Shrine

Near Tobar Rí an Domhnaigh well is a Marian Shrine.

Holy Wells | Holy Cross | Shrine

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