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Granagh graveyard
© Granagh graveyard

In Granagh the present graveyard, opened in the 1950s, is well kept.

Ballingarry graveyard
© Ballingarry graveyard

The graveyard in Ballingarry is beside the church. The oldest headstone that we came across was just inside the gate of the graveyard. It is to the memory of Edmond Cronin who died on June 22 1902 at the age of 24.

Kilmacow graveyard
© Kilmacow graveyard

The church and graveyard in Kilmacow was renovated in 1998 and mass has been said each year in the graveyard since. There is a headstone in Kilmacow graveyard to Patrick Baggott from 1793 that had 'an absurd inscription' as Westropp called it. However the oldest headstone we found in Kilmacow was from 1786.

The headstone was in memory to Carmody (the forename was impossible to decipher) who died on October 27 at the age of 82. The graveyard is still used. Famine victims were also buried here in mass graves.

Shanboha graveyard
© Shanboha (Seanboha) graveyard

The graveyard at Sheanboha (or Shanboha) overlooks the present church in Granagh. This large graveyard is in need of cleaning up and there are several tombs in the graveyard. The oldest headstone that we found was dedicated to Owen Carroll, who died on October 7 1790, aged 71.

Church of Ireland graveyard in Ballingarry
© Church of Ireland graveyard in Ballingarry

Both Protestants and Catholics are buried in the Ballingarry Church of Ireland graveyard. There are a lot of tombs in the graveyard. The inscriptions on many of the headstones is illegible due to erosion. The oldest headstone that we found that we believe to be Catholic was from 1775. It was to Michael Kane who died on June 12th of that year at the age of 52. There is a vault with the name 'McCarthy' inscribed on it. Two brothers, both Roman Catholic priests, are buried here. One of the brothers Charles was the parish priest in Ballingarry from 1825 until his death on November 27 1837.

According to Westropp there was a burial ground in the townland of Kilmihil.

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