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Church Ruins

Ruin in the Church of Ireland graveyard
© Ruin in the Church of Ireland graveyard

According to "Exploring Limerick's Past" by Patrick J. O'Connor, the Roman Catholic Church at Ballingarry has been on the same site since the early 18th century. Westropp mentions a church in Ballingarry since 1172. This church was located near the Protestant church. According to Begley, a part of the east gable remained of the old church in Ballingarry. It was dedicated to St. Evanjanus whose feastday is on August 1st and is located near the Protestant church.

Church ruin at Kilmacow graveyard
© Church Ruin at Kilmacow graveyard

The church in Kilmacow (Kylmocho was the old name) was dedicated to St. Colman and the feastday of the church was on October 29th. Begley gave the dimensions of the church as 58 feet by 18 feet 3 inches. It was believed to be a very old church. There was also supposed to have been an abbey in Kilmacow but the site of this abbey is unknown.

Church Ruin at Seanboha
© Church Ruin at Seanboha

The church ruin in Seanabotha is now barely visible in the graveyard overlooking the church in Granagh. It is believed that St. Maidoc or Aidan of Ferns founded the church. From Begley's work we find that the church in Senboth (as it was then called) was then a ruin and the walls of the church were nearly levelled to the ground.

Lewis records a church in Knockfierna from 1837 but there is no trace of any church now. There was also reputedly an ancient church called Stuadhraicin, which was on the hill of Knockfierna.

Kilmacanearla Church Ruin
© Kilmacanearla Church Ruin

Kilmacanearla is the site of a church ruin and in 1903 Westropp measured the church as 15 feet of the west wall and 32 feet of the south wall. Most of the church fell in the storm of January 6th 1839. The site of the church is now marked by a clump of trees on a piece of raised ground.

Kilshane was the site of a Franciscan house and was founded by Fitzgerald of Cleanglass. In 1410 it was called the Monastery of St. John of the Third Order of St. Francis. However, we do not have a date for the foundation of the abbey.
In 1840, some of the ruin of the monastery still remained and Westropp tells us that the nave and choir measured 39 feet by 19 feet and 33 ½ feet by 19 feet 8 inches. There was also a tower on the site that stood at 60 feet high. A small portion of the south wall remained and the north wall was 17 feet high. The abbey fell in 1854 and the last remaining stones were taken away to be used in building.

Westropp also mentions a church ruin called Morenane, of which only fragments remained in 1905, when he conducted his research.

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