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Ballingarry Church

Ballingarry Church
© Ballingarry Church

When James Enright was appointed as parish priest in 1851 he was in America raising money for the building of the church in his then parish of Askeaton. He started building a new church in Ballingarry but was moved onto Parteen in 1874 before the church was finished. Timothy Shanahan supervised the completion of the new church in 1879 after he had succeeded Fr Enright as parish priest.

Altar in Ballingarry Church
© Altar in Ballingarry Church

Fr Ronald Costelloe restored the church in 1991. The spire of the church can be seen from miles around. On the inside doors of the church, there are stained glass panels of St. Patrick and St. Ita to commemorate the 100th birthday of Archdeacon Patrick Lyons in 1993.

Plaque to Rev. Downes
© Plaque to Rev. Downes

Inside the church on the right there is an altar and stained glass window to the Immaculate Conception. There is also a statue to Joseph and the child that was donated by the Murphy family. On the left there is a stained glass window of the Good Shepherd that was donated by James and Mary Moore. There is a stained glass window of the Blessed Sacrament that was given by Fr Costello and a window of the Crucifixion given by Austin and Peg Glorney.

On the right of the main altar there is an altar to Our Lady. The sons of John Neville donated the stained glass window to his memory in 1896. On the left of the altar there is an altar to Sacred Lady and there is also a stained glass window that is to the memory of Hanora and Mary Bennett.

There is also a chapel to the Blessed Sacrament and a shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes that was given by the people of the parish in 1991.

Side Altar in Ballingarry Church  Stained Glass Windows in Ballingarry Church
© Side Altar and Stained Glass Windows in Ballingarry Church

Buried within the church is:

  William Downes, P.P. 1894-1901, Died September 10 1901, aged 63

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Gerard MacNamee, P.P. 1982-1988, Died December 22 1988
  Canon Thomas Wall, P.P. 1936-1956
  Archdeacon Patrick Lyons, P.P. 1956-1982, Died Jan.1 1999, aged 106
  Fr. Ronald Costello, P.P Ballingarry 1990-2004 , Died March 5th 2004 

Ballingarry Church | Granagh Church | Church Ruins

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