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Athea Church | Church Ruins

Church Ruins

Plaque commemorating Athea's thatched church
© Plaque commemorating Athea's thatched church

There was also a thatched church in Athea village from 1750 until 1832 when the present church was opened for worship. A plaque was erected at the lane way to the site to signify the area. There is a record from the returns of a W. Blood, who was a Hearth-money collector for 1784 in Rathronan, that there was a Mass House in Athea. It is quite possible that he was referring to the thatched church.

According to Westropp, there was a chapel in Rathronan in 1291 called the Chapel of Maurice, which was part of a dispute between the dioceses of Lismore and Cashel in 1260. The modern Church of Ireland church was built on the site in 1827.

Mount Temple church ruin
© Mount Temple Church Ruin

There was also a church at Mount Temple in 1645, the present day townland of Templeathea. The church may have been called "de Monte Maledictionis" and was locally called the "church of the mountain". A graveyard adjoins the church ruin. Locals often refer to it as Templeathea church ruin.

Athea Church
| Church Ruins

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