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Athea Church | Church Ruins

Athea Church

Athea church
© Athea Church

The present church was built in 1832 and is dedicated to St Bartholomew. According to a plaque on the left-hand side of the church, it was erected in 1832, reorganised, enlarged and dedicated to God in 1862. A plaque on the right hand side of the church states that it was restored in 1986-1987 by Thomas O'Donnell, PP. Patrick Kelly PP rededicated it on 18th of October 1987. There is a Calvary scene to the right in front of the church, while there is a grotto to Mary to the left.

Calvary scene outside Athea Church  Grotto outside Athea Church
© Calvary scene and Grotto
outside Athea Church

In July 1999, President McAleese planted a cedar tree in the church grounds in memory of Fr Sean O'Hanlon, who introduced the organisation GROW to the country while he was a curate in the parish from 1971 until 1977. GROW helps people who suffer from depression.

Cedar Tree in memory of Fr O'Hanlon
© Cedar Tree in memory of
Fr O'Hanlon

There is a stained glass window in the left transept of the church to the Blessed Virgin. In the right transept of the church, there is a stained glass window to St Patrick. There is a statue to Mary on the left of the altar and on the right is a statue of the Sacred Heart. There is a shrine to the Legion of Mary in the right porch of the church.

Altar in Athea church
© Altar in Athea Church
Statue of the Blessed Virgin in Athea Church   Statue of the Sacred Heart in Athea Church
© Statues in Athea Church

There is a stained glass window on the left of the nave of the church, which depicts St Bartholomew and St Ita. This window was donated in memory of Thomas and Catherine McCoy by their daughter Kitty. The stained glass window on the right of the nave depicts a church and a cross, and bears the words 'Faith of Our Fathers'. Beneath the window is a plaque, which reads "Pray for Dr Philip McGrath, his wife Mary and brother Jimmie."

Stained Glass Window of the Blessed Virgin in Athea Church
Stained Glass Window of Our Fathers

Stained glass window of St Bartholomew and St Ita
© Stained Glass Windows in Athea Church
Stained Glass Window of Saint Patrick

Buried within the church is:

  John Ryan, PP Athea, Died 1870, Aged 81

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

  Thomas O'Donnell, PP 1983 - 1987, Died 6th May 1987
  Thomas Canon Cussen, PP 1965 - 1982, Died 19th December 1982
  T. Connolly, PP 1935 - 1949, Died 7th March 1949
  C. Moriarty, PP 1949 - 1965, Died January 12th 1965
  Maurice R. Woulfe, PP Old Fallings, Wolverhampton 1924-1962, Late of Cratloe, Athea, Died November 24th 1962
  W. O'Shea, PP for six years, Died 12th January 1924
  W. Fenton, PP for six years, Died 5th August 1930
  Sean O'Hanlon M.S.C., C.C., Athea 1971-1978, Died February 8th 1978

Athea Church | Church Ruins

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