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St Molua's Well

St Molua's Well
© St Molua's Well

Just beyond the cemetery and within a couple of hundred yards of the parish church is the blessed well dedicated to St. Molua, patron saint of Ardagh. This well is one of three wells dedicated to the saint, the others being in the townland of Emlygrennan in the parish of Bulgaden/Martinstown in east Limerick, and in Rathronan within the parish. Up to about eighty years ago, rounds were paid to this well on the 3rd of August, the eve of St Molua's feast day.

In 'The Weekly Observer' in Newcastle on Aug 5th 1916, the following passage was written about St. Molua's Well: "…and doing on the occasion and sports will be held. After the devotions, there will be exhibitions in hurling and football, footracing and Irish stepdancing. The Newcastle West and Castlemahon bands will attend."

The feast day itself (August 4th) was observed as a parish holiday. A very large ash tree once stood by the well but has long since disappeared. One parishioner, a Mrs. Flynn, claims to have had her sight restored at the blessed well many years ago. At the moment no set tradition is in place regarding devotions at the well but suggestions to re-establish devotions there have been put forward and the idea is receiving much attention at present.


Grotto in Carrickerry
© Carrickerry Grotto

There is also a grotto in the village of Carrickerry.

St Molua's Well | Grotto | Cahermoyle House | Ballyine Mass Rock

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