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Old section of Ardagh graveyard
© Old section of Ardagh graveyard

New Section of Ardagh graveyard
© New section of Ardagh graveyard

There are three cemeteries in the parish, Rathronan, Kilscannell and Ardagh graveyard. Ardagh graveyard is located behind Ardagh church. An altar was built at the upper end of the graveyard adjoining the church in Ardagh as part of a FÁS scheme. Mass is said here in November.

The oldest headstone in the graveyard marks the grave of a former Bishop of Limerick, the Rt. Rev. Robert De Lacy. Bishop Lacy was made a bishop by Pope Clement XII in 1737 and died on August 4th 1759. Bishop Lacy is buried in the family vault, which is actually inside the old church ruins.

Kilscannel graveyard
© Kilscannel graveyard

Around Kilscannel church, there is a graveyard where there are a number of Roman Catholics buried. The oldest headstone that we found was to the memory of Thomas Fitzgerald who died on February 3rd 1795 aged 28.

Rathronan graveyard
© Rathronan graveyard

The graveyard in Rathronan is a Protestant graveyard. In the graveyard there are two large tombs to Eyre Massy of Glenville and William Smith O'Brien. Smith O'Brien was the Member of Parliament for Limerick in the 19th century. The oldest headstone that we found was in memory of Richard Dunscombe Allenne who died on March 18 1847 aged 57. Kilscannell has 44 headstones marking Catholic graves.

According to Westropp, there was a 'Kyle' burial ground in Kilmurry of Coolamora.

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