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Ballyine Mass Rock

In 1954 (Marian Year) the local people came together and erected on the hillside in Ballyine a beautiful Shrine to Our Lady. The Shrine stands on the spot where mass was celebrated during penal times. It was a remarkable community effort spread over many months and culminating in the lifting onto its pedestal of the life-sized statue of the Blessed Virgin. Up to two thousand people are reported to have climbed the steep hillside on August 15 for the celebration of mass at the newly constructed Shrine.

The shrine and mass rock at Ballyine are now a place of pilgrimage. Each year mass is celebrated at the rock in recognition of, and thanksgiving for the heroism of our forefathers.

A photograph of the first mass held at Ballyine Mass Rock in 1954
© A Photograph of the first mass held at Ballyine Mass Rock in 1954.
( Photograph provided by Mrs. Joan Molyneaux)

The Limerick Leader Newspaper August 21 1954 had the following report on the blessing of the Shrine:

"Our forefathers held steadfastly to the Faith with courage and determination and handed it down to us bright and unsullied", declared the Rev Fr. Ruddle, PP Ardagh on Sunday last when he addressed a huge gathering of parishioners and visitors on the hillside of Ballyine in the West Limerick parish of Ardagh/ Carrickerry."

On 25th July '99 the annual mass at the mass rock was said as a mass of preparation for the upcoming millennium celebrations. The mass was well attended on this lovely July day. A tree, representative of the youth in the parish, was planted by four local youths at the end of the mass. A rock, representative of the church was laid beside the tree.

celebrating the mass at the July '99 celebrations  The crowd at the July '99 celebrations
© Some pictures from the mass at Ballyine July 25th 1999
Planting the Tree

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