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Church Ruins

Church Ruin in Ardagh graveyard
© Church Ruin in Ardagh graveyard

The ruins of the old church in Ardagh cemetery date to about the fifteenth century. According to Samuel Lewis, the church was destroyed during the 1641 insurrection. The exact dimensions of the church are not known but Begley says, "It measures about 20 feet in breadth, but its length cannot be well determined, as the western gable has entirely disappeared. Judging, however, from what remains, it was considerable, as 72 feet of the south wall remains."

Kilscannel Church Ruin
© Kilscannel Church Ruin

Westropp mentions a church in Kilscannell townland. Kilscannell was originally a separate parish. According to Westropp the ruined Church of Ireland church was built on the site in 1822. Today a graveyard surrounds the ruin.

Westropp also mentions a church site in Kilmurry or Coolanoran. A church stood in ruins on the site in 1839. This church was later demolished to build a house.

Westropp also lists a church called Kilfiachna. According to him, St Fiachna had a cell here at Kilardan, which may in fact have been Killard townland at the south edge of the parish.

Rathronan Church Ruin
© Rathronan Church Ruin

There is also a Church of Ireland church ruin in Rathronan. However, prior to the Reformation this church was Roman Catholic.

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