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Holy Wells | Grotto | Water Fountain

Holy Wells

According to Danaher, there is one Holy Well in the parish. St Anne's well is in the townland of Coolbaun about a quarter of a mile from the road. Danaher says that this well is usually dry and no tradition remains of devotions at the well. Legend claims that the well moved when profaned and that St Anne appeared and reproved a woman who went to wash clothes in it. According to local tradition, there was a whitethorn tree beside the well, which had no thorns. No trace of the well remains today.

Danaher also mentions a doubtful well called Toberveenanee, which was locally called Tobar Beanuighthe. The well is in the townland of Curraghchase. This well may be in Adare parish but it may also be in the parish of Kilcornan as the townland of Curraghchase forms part of both parishes. This well no longer exists according to Noel Hogan.


Grotto in Adare Village
© Adare Grotto

A grotto to Mary has been erected on the roadside in Adare village, outside the Trinitarian church.

Water Fountain

Water Fountain in Adare Village
© Water Fountain in Adare Village

Caroline, Countess of Dunraven erected a water fountain in Adare as a mark of gratitude to the people of the village. An inscription on the fountain reads "In grateful memory of the zeal shown by the people of this village in quenching a fire at the offices of Adare Manor on the 18th April 1844. This supply of water was brought and fountain erected by Caroline Countess of Dunraven. Lord Prosper Thou Our Handy Work 1855."

Holy Wells | Grotto | Water Fountain

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