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Famous People

Adare was home to the Earls of Dunraven, who were the biggest landowners in the area. In 1876, they owned in excess of 14,000 acres.

The founder of the friary, Thady Quin converted from a Roman Catholic to a Protestant, while his successor Edwin, the 3rd Earl became a Catholic. The Dunravens supported both the Roman Catholic and Protestant religions over the years. They donated a chalice to the Church of Ireland in 1660 and one to the RC church in 1726. The Dunravens also proved to be generous benefactors of the church, donating land and money towards the building of and subsequent upkeep of churches and graveyards in the parish.

Other people of note from the parish of Adare were Tomas O'Gliasain and Tomas O'Tuama, well-known 18th century Gaelic poets, together with Gerald Griffin, poet and novelist, and Sean O'Riada, composer and musician.

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