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Holy Wells

Tobar an Chrainn well is in Mountcollins on the lands of Mr William Leahy. In the past, rounds were made at the well. Nowadays the well is covered over by briars and there are no devotions made there.

According to Danaher, Tobar a' Chrainn well was a small well in a grove of whitethorn, dedicated to St Ita. Small religious objects were left here as offerings, rags were left on the bushes and little crosses of rushes or wild iris blades were dropped into the well. A little girl reputedly took water from the well in ignorance and tried to boil it. However, the water would not boil and a little fish was seen in it, so the water and the fish were returned to the well.


As stated earlier, there is a grotto behind Fr Shanahan's grave in Tournafulla graveyard. There is a second grotto in the parish, in Mountcollins. The grotto is dedicated to Mary.

Mountcollins grotto
© Mountcollins grotto

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