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English Name Irish Name Meaning
Ballymurraugh East Baile Uí Mhurchú The town of Ó Murchú
Ballymurraugh West as above  
Doonakeena Dún Mhic Cionaoith The fort of Mac Cionaoith
Glendarragh Gleann Darach Glen of oaktrees
Inchabaun An Inse Bhán The white wet meadow
Meenyline North Mín Uí Laighin The smooth grassy patch of Ó Laighin
Meenyline South as above  
Rathcahill West Ráth Chathail Thiar The rath of Cathal
Sugarhill Cnoc an Chaca The hill of the excrement
Templeglantine East Teampall an Ghleanntáin The church of the small glen
Templeglantine West as above  
Tulligoline North Tulaigh Ó Laighin The hillock of Uí Laighin
Tulligoline South as above  

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