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Holy Wells

The Poorman's Well
© The Poorman's Well

There are two Holy Wells in the parish, the Poorman's Well (Tobairín an Duine Bhoicht) and the Hapenny Well.

The Poorman's well is situated beside the border of the parishes of Abbeyfeale and Templeglantine in the townland of Tulligoline North. A flowing stream, which is unnamed, divides the parishes. While no public devotions have taken place in the last twenty years or so, Toberreenadinnabocht is still visited by locals privately. Rounds used to be made here in May.

A poor old man dreamed that he would be cured of blindness here. He visited the well, and was cured, thus giving the well its name. It was claimed that the water could cure blindness. Another legend recounted by Danaher claims that two cloaked women could be seen at the well before dawn. People still draw water from the well in times of drought and it is claimed that the well has never run dry.

The Ha'penny Well (Tobereenalaffina) is very small well located on the Northern bank of the Eaghaun stream on the lands of the O'Donnell family of Meenyline South. According to Danaher legends surrounding the well claim that its water can cure blindness, and that a blind man dreamed he would be cured at the well and soon after he was. Flowers and coins used to be left here as offerings in the past. Devotions are no longer held here.

Mass Rock

Templeglantine Mass Cross
© Templeglantine Mass Cross

According to Tadhg O'Maolcatha, there is a mass rock dating from penal times situated on the bank of a little stream that divides the townlands of Meenoline North and Doonakenna. The last mass to be said at the Mass Rock in Carraig an Easpaig was in 1989.

According to local folklore Dr Lacy, Bishop of Limerick from 1737 until 1759 celebrated mass in this secluded glen during Penal days. It is believed that his predecessor Bishop Cornelius O'Keeffe (1720-1737), whose family lived in Doonakenna, also celebrated mass at Carraig an Easpaig. In 1950 Bishop O'Neill unveiled a plaque at the rock in commemoration of the Holy Year. In the same year, a cross was placed on Cnoc an Bhothaigh near the site of the Mass Rock. From the cross you can see the counties of Cork, Clare, Kerry and Limerick on a clear day.

Holy Wells | Mass Rocks

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