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Templeglantine Church | Church Ruins

Westropp describes an old church ruin in Templeglantine. The site of this church is now surrounded by Templeglantine graveyard. The east end of the church was levelled before 1840. The remainder of the church was defaced and overgrown with ash and thorn. The walls of the church were about 6 or 7 feet in height, according to Westropp. While the ruins of the church no longer exist, a small wall has been built to show the site of the west gable of the church. The church was originally about 70 feet by 30 feet.

According to Tadhg O'Maolcatha, there was a thatched Mass House at Roche's Cross in Meenoline prior to 1829. Earlier still there was an Abbey in Templeglantine West.

Templeglantine Church | Church Ruins

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