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St Lelia's

St Lelia's church
© St Lelia's church

Bishop Newman and Canon Michael Breen PP opened the church of St Lelia's in May 1977 according to a plaque in the porch of the church. The architects were Robinson, Keeffe and Devane while the builders were E & J Doran.

Altar in St Lelia's church
© Altar in St Lelia's church

Inside, there is a silver Crucifix on the wall over the door of the church. At the back of the church on the left, there is a statue of St Theresa of Liseux. The ceiling of the church is low and is made of timber.

Statue of Joseph  Statue of Mary
© Statues in St Lelia's church

To the left of the altar there is a statue to St Joseph and a shrine to the Sacred Heart. To the right of the altar there is a shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and a statue to Mary. The Baptismal font is in front of the statue of Mary.

The main altar and tabernacle are made from stone. Behind the altar there is a large painting of the Crucifixion. There are no stained glass windows in the church.

Prior to the building of this church, the church of St Lelia was situated where St Lelia's graveyard now stands. This part of the parish of St Munchin's is called Killeely, and used to stretch from the Shannon as far as Bunratty.

Today, there is a disused Church of Ireland church on the site of the original St Munchin's church. This church was built in 1827 to replace a medieval church. It was renovated by the Civic Trust in 1980 and it is now used by the Island Theatre Company.

The parishioners of St Munchin's built a chapel outside the walls at Thomondgate in 1744 to replace an earlier mass house. This chapel was built close to the site of the present St Munchin's church.

In October 1799 the then parish priest, Fr Gerald Herbert built a new chapel to replace the 1744 chapel. This building was used as a place of worship until the present day church was built in 1921/22.

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