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Robertstown graveyard
© Robertstown graveyard

There are five graveyards in the parish of Shanagolden-Robertstown-Foynes. Robertstown graveyard is situated in the grounds of a church ruin, about a quarter of a mile by road from the present day Robertstown church. At Robertstown graveyard the oldest headstone that we came across was from November 1788 and it was in memory of Joanna O'Brien.

Mount Pleasant graveyard
© Mount Pleasant graveyard

Mount Pleasant graveyard is situated close to the boundary line between the parish of Shanagolden/Robertstown/Foynes and Askeaton/Ballysteen parish. At Mount Pleasant the oldest headstone that we found was from 1817 but according to Canon O'Keeffe's records, the oldest headstone in the graveyard dates from 1785, and is in memory of a W. Casey who died aged 46.

Shanagolden graveyard
© Shanagolden graveyard

Shanagolden graveyard is situated across from the Community Hall. The oldest headstone that we came across in Shanagolden cemetery dated from 1814. However, according to Canon O'Keeffe's records on the headstones in the cemetery, the oldest headstone is from 1703. It is in memory of M. Pierce Green who died on November 12th 1703. On the headstone are the words "killed by the Tories".

Kilmoylan graveyard
© Kilmoylan graveyard

There is also a graveyard located in the grounds of Kilmoylan church ruin. In Kilmoylan graveyard, the oldest headstone is in memory of Owne Mulkere who died on the 10th of March 1808 at the age of 92. There is also a plaque to the Desmond and Crimmins families in the ruins of the old church.

Knockpatrick graveyard
© Knockpatrick graveyard

The fifth graveyard surrounds the historic site of Knockpatrick. The oldest headstone here is in memory of Fr Philip O'Nolain who died in 1738 after only one year as parish priest of Shanagolden. Also buried on Knockpatrick is Charlotte Smith O'Brien, the daughter of William Smith O'Brien who was a Member of Parliament in Westminster for over 20 years, where he represented his constituents with distinction. Charlotte died on June 3 1909 aged 63.

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