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Holy Wells | Mass Rock

Holy Wells

St Munchin's Well
© St Munchin's Well

Danaher describes a well in Bruree called St. Munchin's well. This well has now dried up but the site is still there, marked by a number of boulders. The feastday of the well was January 2nd and the day was a parish holiday. According to Danaher the water cured bad stomachs and sore eyes. The legend behind the well is that St Munchin caused the well to spring up when he was refused a drink.

Mass Rock

At the back of Rockhill church there is a wooded area. This area was planted in recent years. Somewhere within this area is a Mass rock where Mass was said in Penal times. Fr Daniel McNamara was the parish priest of the area and refused to take the Oath of Abjuration. He was barred from saying Mass in public so he said Mass at safe houses and Mass rocks. In 1713, he was captured while saying Mass but it is unclear what happened to Fr McNamara after his arrest.

Holy Wells | Mass Rock

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