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Sean O'Driscoll came to live in Ireland in 1962 and restored Castle Matrix. The castle now has a library containing a collection of original documents relating to the "Wild Geese", who left these shores during the 17th and 18th centuries to serve in the armies of Europe. Castle Matrix's name may be derived from Caisleán Bhun Traísce but Sean O'Driscoll attributed the name to an association with the Matres or Matrone. The Matres were triple mother-goddesses of the Pagan Celts, a type of pre-Christian Trinity.

Sean O'Driscoll served in the U.S. Air Forces during WWII. In 1945 he engineered the first defection from behind the Iron Curtain, the escape of Theodore Wilhelm Schmidt. He served for a short time as aide to Brigadier-General Charles Lindbergh. O'Driscoll also worked with John Wheeler, who was the first to discover black holes and was the co-discoverer of Uranium 235 with Niels Bohr.

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