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Parteen Church
Parteen church
© Parteen church

There are presently two churches in use in the parish, one in the village of Parteen, and the other in Meelick village. Both churches were built during the term of Fr Edmond Sheehy as parish priest.

Altar in Parteen church
© Altar in Parteen church

Parteen church is dedicated to St Patrick and was built between 1831 and 1835 at a cost of £764. The church was renovated in the 1950's, when a new chancel and porch were added.

Carving on Lectern in Parteen Church
© Carving on Lectern in Parteen Church

On the wall of the church there is a Mission Cross that commemorates a mission by the Augustinian Fathers in April 1879. Inside, the church has a high ceiling and stained glass windows of a plain design.

Statue of Mary  Statue of Joseph
© Statues in Parteen church

There is a crucifix over the high altar. The background of the altar is blue. To the right of the altar, there is a statue to St Joseph and to the left of the altar there is a statue to the Virgin Mary.

Buried in the church are:

 Garrett O'Sullivan, Died June 18 1874, aged 74, P.P. 1850 - 1874
 Edmund Sheehy, Died November 24 1834, aged 52, P.P 1816 - 1834

Buried in the grounds of the church are:

 John Moloney, Died October 5 1957, aged 82, Parish Priest 1927 - 1949
 Luke Glesson, Died June 22 1902, aged 75, Parish Priest 1878 - 1902
 Canon Edmond Russell, Died Feb. 29 1928, aged 80 P.P 1902-26

On the plaque to Fr Sheehy he is titled as parish priest of Kilquane & Meelick while Fr O'Sullivan is titled as parish priest of Parteen & Meelick.

Parteen Church | Meelick Church | Church Ruins

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