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Our Lady of Lourdes Church | Church Ruins

Church Ruins

Also in the parish in the townland of Rossbrien is the site of St Dominic's church. No remains of the church building exist today but it was probably situated within the enclosure where the graveyard is still located.

Wall of Convent
© Wall of Convent

According to Danaher, a convent under the patronage of Lord Inchiquin was located in this area. Spellissy states that this land belonged to the Augustinian nuns at one stage and it may be possible that the church once located here was the church of that convent.

About a half a mile north east of the graveyard under some undergrowth, there is a small section of wall about 10 foot long and 7 foot high that is covered in ivy. This may also have been part of the convent that was situated on these lands. From St Dominic's well it is easy to reach the site. When you reach the well, turn in a north-easterly direction and follow the roadway as far as it goes.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church | Church Ruins

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